Forklift Truck Training

Forklift Training

The law requires that all lift truck operators are adequately trained on each type of truck they operate. As well as it being a legal requirement there are safety and commercial reasons for ensuring that operators are properly trained. Damaged goods, buildings and trucks have financial implications as does lost time due to injury.

Forklift Training Continued

Different training is required for all different types of lift trucks. Courses vary from 1 day refresher training to a 5 day novice course. Trained operators need to attend the refresher course every 2-3 years to ensure they continue to operate lift trucks safely. Operators are given a certificate at the completion of each course which states the type of truck that he or she may operate.

MEWPs Training

Here at Lift and Shift Training we are about making sure you have the right set of skills and knowledge to operate a range of different types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. The MEWP course is relevant to you if you are a manager, supervisor, or operative who uses or supervises the use of powered access plant equipment in the workplace.

MEWPs Training Continued

Safety Training

At Lift and shift training we offer a wide range of safety training courses in the UK, trusted to provide our tailored expertise to everyone from multi-national corporations, right down to safety conscious individuals. Perhaps you are an occupational safety professional looking for in-company training, a site manager who needs to improve the safety of your site workers.

Safety Training Continued

A business owner who wants ensure you’re doing absolutely everything you can to keep your staff free from harm, or all of those things and more!

Whatever it says on your CV, lift and shift has the right training course for you. So delve in, and let us use our safety expertise to help ensure that you and your colleagues employees or yourself have the skills and information you need to keep yourselves free from harm. Together, we’ll make accidents history!

First Aid Training

For first aid training around Lancashire, Lift and shift training can deliver either at your premises or via one of our north west venues and if you have branches across the uk we can train nationally. With years of experience in the industry we offer a professional and personal service and we are registered provider with up to date knowledge of best practice and current regulations.

First Aid Training Continued

Professional first-aid training is essential in any workplace and indispensable wherever children are involved, so we also offer specialist pediatric first aid training throughout the county.

All our training can be tailored to suit your requirements where possible, offering training at times and places convenient to you.